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  • Available Lieutenant Assessment Training
    Updated On: Jul 28, 2017

    Online Instruction
    for the Metro Nashville Police Department Lieutenant
      Structured Oral Interview/Assessment Center

    Presented by

    (Note:  RHI is not affiliated with IOS) 

    I/O Solutions' (IOS) approach to the Structured Oral Interview/Assessment Center process is to conduct an orientation; but, typically, they do not reveal the specific set of exercises that they will use in the Structured Oral Interview/Assessment Center.  Rather, they will mention perhaps a dozen exercises/components which they could use.  Please take some time to review our thorough, complete, detailed approach to getting M.N.P.D. Lieutenant promotional candidates ready!


    • Now, Metro Nashville P. D. Lieutenant promotional candidates will have the opportunity to take advantage of our knowledge and experience by taking our Online Instruction and practicing with our IOS Assessment Center training materials.
    • Our Online Instruction provides promotional candidates with strategies and Performance Suggestions, as well as containing all of the practice exercises they will need to hone their skills and put our Performance Suggestions to use.  This Online Instruction lecture contains the same information that RHI would cover in-depth in a Metro Nashville P. D. Lieutenant "in-person" seminar/workshop if we were to offer one, and the attached practice material will be identical to that in our typical class manual.  This is the most thorough, comprehensive instruction for IOS-specific Assessment Center process available anywhere from any training firm or online company!
    • Metro Nashville P. D. Lieutenant candidates will be provided with special pricing for our Online Instruction.  You will pay one low flat fee of $249 for access to all of the IOS-specific training modules and practice material/exercises rather than our usual a la carte pricing (would normally be a total of $390)Instead of our usual 3-day window for viewing a module, you will have 4 weeks to view and re-view your package of modules.  Our special Metro Nashville P. D. Lieutenant Online Instruction offer includes all of the following 9 modules (and practice material/exercises with each) for the $249 price:  Structured Oral Interview and Oral Resume, Background Qualifications Presentation Exercise, Staff Briefing Exercise, In-Basket Exercise (both written and oral response), Role Play (one-on-one) Exercise, Presentation Exercise, and Police Tactical - Critical Incident Exercise.  You can access your training materials at any time of day or night to fit your schedule – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and you can access our training materials from anywhere – as long as you have access to the internet.
    • Our training modules consist of PowerPoint slides with Thomas Rockhill’s voice-over lecture, talking you through what you need to know, do, and say to prepare for and to excel in your Metro Nashville P. D. Lieutenant Structured Oral Interview/Assessment Center Exercises.  Simply go to our web site at www.rockhillandhalton.com and click on "Law Enforcement," click on "Police Lieutenant," and then click on "Metro Nashville P. D. Lieutenant Structured Oral Interview/Assessment Center Training 2017" to purchase the package.
    • Once you have purchased your module(s), you will have four weeks to view the package of modules as many times as you like. The modules can be paused at any time, and you will have the ability to go directly to any portion of a module without having to repeat portions of the module that you don’t want to view/review a second time. Your time allotment of four weeks for all of the modules will not begin until you first access the first one.
    • Each of our training modules comes with PDF attachments which you will print out. One printable PDF document for each training module will be a “Training Module Slides Notes Handout.” On this “Handout” will appear each PowerPoint slide with blank lines for any note-taking you may wish to do. In addition, multiple practice exercises and/or scenarios will be attached to each exercise module so that you can hone your skills once your module has been completed.  For example, the In-Basket Oral Presentation Exercise Training Module includes 9 practice exercises, and the Structured Oral Interview Exercise Training Module includes 169 practice questions.  For each type of interactive exercise, we will provide a behavioral checklist which you will use to monitor your progress and maximize your improvement with each practice session. These attachments will only be available for printing during your four week time allotment.
    • To learn more about and to purchase our Online Instruction modules, visit our website at www.rockhillandhalton.com and go to the "Law Enforcement" page, then the "Lieutenant" page, and then on to the "Metro Nashville P. D. Lieutenant Structured Oral Interview/Assessment Center" training page.

    Why should you prepare for your Structured Oral Interview/Assessment Center?

    • Your competition is!

    • The orientation material will not tell you everything about what you need to do, to say, and to write to be successful and at the top of the promotional list — our training is superior to anyone's!  You can tailor your training to IOS's testing style.

    • IOS's orientation material will leave out key information — the behaviors you need to demonstrate to put you in the “promotable range” — our training is the result of years of experience in training candidates to succeed!

    • You want to be better than you are right now!

    • You need a plan to handle this process — we’ll give you that plan and give you practice material to hone your skills — learn from the professionals!

    What have Rockhill & Halton students said about our training?

    • "The instructor is very qualified and professional.  This definitely helped me to prepare for my sergeant's assessment center.  This training truly showed me what to expect in the assessment center.  Thank you!"

    • "Had I not taken the RHI training, I would have been totally unprepared for the Assessment Center.  The training would still be a value at twice the price!"

    • "The training was an excellent preparation tool.  It helped to send me to the top (#1) of the list."

    For which departments has Mr. Rockhill trained promotional candidates for success?  Here are only a few:

    Albuquerque - Sgt. & Lt.

    Akron - Sgt., Lt., & Capt.

    Atlanta - Sgt. & Lt.

    Aurora, CO - Sgt.

    Austin - Sgt., Lt., Commander

    Birmingham - Sgt., Lt., & Capt.

    Columbus (OH) - Sgt., Lt., Cdr.

    Dallas - Cpl., Sgt. & Lt.

    Denver - Sgt., Lt., & Capt.

    Houston - Sgt., Lt., & Capt.

    Los Angeles P. D. - Captain

    Lexington, KY - Sgt. & Lt.    Miami-Dade - Sgt., Lt., & Commander

    Miami - Sgt. & Lt.

    Milwaukee - Detective, Sgt., & Lt.

    Minneapolis - Sgt., Lt., & Capt.

    Nashville - Sgt. & Lt.

    New Orleans - Sgt. & Lt.

    Omaha - Sgt. & Lt.

    Orange Co., FL - Sgt. & Lt.

    Orlando - Sgt.

    San Antonio - Sgt., Lt., & Capt.

    San Diego - Sgt. & Lt.

    St. Paul, MN - Sgt. & Lt.

    Don’t pass up this opportunity and regret it later.  You’ll make up the cost of this training in just a couple of weeks if you’re promoted!  Thanks, and we look forward helping you succeed in your promotional process!


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